• Dennis Lankes

      Thank you for the comment Tim we love it when developers/members give us kudos for the software!

  • Lesley Hoops

    Co-working made safe & seamless. I love working here. I love how easy it is to work here. I love bringing clients here. This place is more than just a desk & workspace. It’s exposure to innovation, new clients, community for opinions & critiques & it all fits seamlessly into my workflow because that’s what Proxy was designed to do.

  • Aaron

    As a member, being able to unlock doors with my phone and drop in other spaces in the network without having to ask around for WiFi passwords allows me to efficiently get to working on my own terms. Really impressed with their software.

    • Dennis Lankes

      Thank you Aaron we love having you as a member and as a follow software developer it means a lot to get your compliments!

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