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Client Insights: The Importance of Choosing the Right Coworking Tool

Alt Space is a coworking space that uses the coworking tool, Habu, to help run it.  I was given a chance to have a discussion with Steve, CEO of Alt Space, about why he chose Habu to help operate his business. Continue reading to see what made Habu the best pick.

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Tell me a little about Alt Space:

Alt Space opened in January in South Manchester. This is currently the only location. Currently we have about 20 people and have been growing gradually. Initially, there was not a coworking space in the local borough. Since it is outside the major city, people were not really aware of what a coworking space is and what it involves. However, since its opening there has been a positive sentiment towards Alt Space and coworking.

Inside look of Alt Space

What were the main obstacles you faced when managing your space before choosing Habu?

Obstacles included the normal small business issues that you encounter in the early stages of a startup company. Managing admin, booking, paperwork, and invoicing were all gruelling time-consuming tasks.

Why did you choose Habu? How long have you been using the tool?

Alt Space has been using Habu for 3 months. Two key factors, community and simplicity, seemed to be something that Habu possessed. This resonated well with me. For these reasons, I decided Habu is the perfect fit for Alt Space.

What made you choose Habu over other tools?

Comparably, Habu is a more close knit business. So it is easier to communicate with them and response times are rather quick. Also, the quality and simplicity of Habu made it the right choice. These things are important because you don’t want to over-complicate your business in its early stages. Habu offered an effective system that performs well and doesn’t over-complicate.

What is your favorite feature of the product?

White label aspect. The Habu branding alongside alt space branding is a great feature. Also, the invoicing system is really quick and effecient. I appreciates how well the system operates.

How did you find out about Habu?

Habu writes and publishes really good pieces on social media. Their content is interesting and very valuable. I had been following them on social networks for some time and finally decided to reach out to them. 

Do you use any other tools as well?

No. Habu meets all the needs of Alt Space. 

Why would you recommend this tool to a friend/community manager?

When running a business, time management is key. Habu allows you to get things done quickly and easily. This is really important because it allows you to free up some time and get other things done. Previously, I would handle invoices manually, and it became too time-consuming.

What current struggles do you face with managing your space?

Well, it has definitely gotten easier to manage. The main challenge we are facing now is acheiving scale. We want to continue to expand and grow our membership.

What ideal feature could help solve this issue?

There would not be a feature that would necessarily solve that issue, but an ideal feature to add would be some type of check-in/visibility integration with Slack. It would be cool to allow members to communicate with each other on Slack and be able to see who is in the office.

Image courtesy of Alt Space

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